Endeavor Global Realty PHILOSOPHY


It is our belief that to be most successful, an opportunistic real estate strategy should be focused on markets that are in need of flexible, transitional, high return risk capital. These types of markets typically have one or more of the following features: significant volumes of distressed assets with value-added opportunities; dislocated real estate capital markets; large numbers of properties owned by banks, corporates or other non-strategic holders; and a positioning at, or near, a low point in the property cycle. We believe it is also important to focus on economies and property markets that are large enough to accommodate a scalable investment program and provide liquidity for investments as conditions normalize.


When approaching a market, we believe it is essential to establish a strong presence at the local level that brings together Endeavor Global Group Realty investment experience and discipline with local knowledge and access to deal flow.

Endeavor Global Group Realty also has a global perspective, including relationships with sellers and financial institutions worldwide, and a focused strategy which emphasizes investment only in those markets that can provide superior risk-adjusted returns


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